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Bicycles for Albany

Our range of Chldrens’ bikes from Trek, Electra and BYK allows you to choose between a solid, robust, go anywhere bike or a light, geared machine to allow your kid to keep up on the bike-paths. We also offer a range of Baby carriers, kids’ trailers and accessories. Whether you want cool or just to get to school, we have you covered.


We carry Trek, Scott and Malvern Star.
Kids Bikes

We provide top quality mtb bike to meet any budget and need. Whether you are riding to school or travelling the Munda Biddi trail or aiming to be the next down hill champion? We have a bike to suit your needs. 


We carry Trek, Scott & Malvern Star
Mountain Bikes

Most of the world rides a bike to get around because it is practical convenient and affordable. Our exciting range of range of city and ebikes will meet your commuting, shopping and family cycling endeavours. 


We offer Trek, Electra, Kalkhoff, Gazelle, SolarBike  Ryder Bikes and Tern Bicycles.

If going fast on two wheels is your thing. Then we have the machine for you! From the most aggressive aero bikes to climbing machines. Super comfortable endurance road bikes, we have to suit your style and budget.


We carry Trek, Scott & Malvern Star.
Road Bikes

Compact, Folding, Electric, Folding Electric ?  Have it all and take it anywhere with one of these amazing marvels of engineering.


We carry TERN Bicycles and Ryder Bikes.
Compact / Folding
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