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Bike Servicing & Repairs In Albany

With an extensive workshop, our experienced mechanics are ready to tackle any job, from basic tune and lubes to complete ground-up rebuilds, and anything in between.  With a special interest in E-Bikes in all their forms, we can fix anything that rolls on (bike) tyres !
All rates are based on a shop rate of $70 per hour. The minimum service charge is $10.00.

Tune-Up & Safety


Your Bike is mostly operational, but feel it could be better ? Start here :

Wash Bike

Gear Adjustment

Brake Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Inspect and adjust wheel bearings

Minor wheel true

Lube Derailleurs, Shifters and Cables

Lube Chain

 Torque Fasteners


Cable Replacement

(each, includes Parts) + $15.00

*E-Bike +$20.00, inc cabling/plug inspections/cleaning & software diagnostic/update where applicable.

Maintenance & Service $159.00

You've ridden your bike hard, and now it's time for some love - Or maybe had a mishap and something's amiss ?  Get it sorted :

Tune-Up PLUS

Repair breakages or mis-alignments*

Fit new parts*

Open clean and inspect Headset

Degrease Drive chain

Remove Clean and Lube/Paste Seat Post

Frame polish and protectant


Dual Suspension MTB clean, inspect and lube pivots +$59.00

Fork Lower Service* +$75.00

Shock Aircan Service* +$65.00

Cable Replacement

(each, includes Parts) + $15.00

Hydraulic brake flush/bleed + $35.00

**Parts NOT included

Gold Level Detailing


The whole shebang. Remove all components, inspect, clean, replace consumables and re-assemble.


Maintenance PLUS

Complete disassembly,

down to the frame

Clean and lube all pivots

/repalce as needed*

Clean and lube bottom bracket

Clean and lube headset

Flush & Bleed brakes

Refill Tyre sealant (includes sealant)

Replace bar Tape/Grips

Inspect wheel bearings,

replace as required

**Parts inclusion varies, consultation prior to commencment, discussion regarding any variances.

Parts Upgrade


Drive train upgrade include: Installation of shifters, derailleur, crank, bb, chain and cassette.

Wheel upgrade includes: Installation of tyres, tubes and cassette.


Prices do not include taping of bars, wheel builds, tubular gluing or bleeding of hydraulic brakes. 

Can't find what you are looking for?

Pop in... pick up the phone
(08) 9842 1387 or send us an email.
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