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Kids Bikes for Albany


precalaber 12 boys.JPG
precalaber 12 girls.JPG
precalaber 16 girls.JPG
precalaber 16 boys.JPG
2022 Kickster

Balance is everything when you're learning how to ride, and Kickster is the perfect teaching tool for toddlers who are mastering this important skill. This kids' balance bike doesn't have pedals so balance is the only focus, plus it features a handle so you can support your little one while they get the hang of things. Kickster is ideal for kids who are roughly 85–100 cm tall.

2022 Precaliber 12"

Precaliber 12'' is the perfect first bike for little riders who are ahead of the curve and ready for two wheels at a younger age than most. It has a handle built into the saddle so you can guide them as they ride, and tool-free training wheels that are super easy to install and remove. It's a great fit for kids aged 3-4, between 36–40˝ (91–102 cm) tall.


2022 Precaliber 16"

Teaching and learning to ride is a breeze with Precaliber 16 Girl's. It has a handle built into the saddle so you can guide while they ride, and tool-free training wheels that are super easy to install and remove. It's a great fit for kids aged 4-5, between 39–46˝ (99–117 cm) tall.



precalaber 20 girls bk 6sp.JPG
precalaber 20 boys bk 6sp.JPG
2022 Precaliber 20"

Precaliber 20 Freewheel Girl's will have your little rider begging to go out for a pedal on their first real big kid bike. It's a great transition model from stabilisers. It has one speed, two hand brakes and a saddle with an integrated handle that can be swapped out for a light mount. For kids aged 6–8, between 45–52˝ (114–132 cm) tall.


Precaliber 20 7-speed is a rugged kids' bike for young adventurers. It has a lightweight frame and quality components like a front suspension fork, 7-speed gearing and hand brakes that are perfectly sized to better fit small riders. For kids aged 6–8, between 45–52˝ (114–132 cm) tall.

precalaber 24 8sp boys bk.JPG
precalaber 24 8sp girls Magenta.JPG
2022 Precaliber 24"

Precaliber 24'' 8-speed is a rugged kids' bike built for young adventurers who love riding off the road and into the dirt. It has a sturdy yet light aluminium frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain perfect for racing home from school, zipping through the woods and riding trails and paths with family. For Kids aged 8-10, between 51-59'' (130-150 cm) tall.

Marlin 4 BK.JPG
Marlin 4 GN.JPG
2022 Marlin 4

Marlin 4 is the perfect gateway to trail riding. It's ideal for new riders who want a mountain bike with knobby tyres, that can double as a rugged commuter. Disc brakes, front suspension, 21 speeds and mounts for a rack and mudguards make this versatile ride an excellent entry point for new trail riders and campus commuters alike.


Scott Contessa 24''.JPG
2020 Scott Contessa 24"

The SCOTT Contessa 24 has our classic trendy Contessa look, as well as a very low stand over height.


scott roxter.JPG
2020 Scott Roxter 24''

It's time to make a name for yourself. The SCOTT Roxter 24 is here to help you do that! On your way to school, or on the local trails, start letting people know who you are and what you're capable of! When kids want to get a bit more rowdy on the trails, Scott have the answer with the Plus-Sized-Tyred Roxter! Doing away with the cost and weight of suspension in favour of some over-sized rubber, these bikes give confidence for those just starting their journey in a life off-road!

scott scale 24.JPG
2020 Scott Scale 24''

The SCOTT Scale 24 Rigid Fork is our truly functional bike for smaller riders who like a race inspired style.


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