Folding bikes are nothing new - but they've always had a stigma of being somehow 'less' than their full size siblings.  We're here to tell you they're wrong! Compact bikes can be so much more than a caravan run-about or part of a mixed-mode commute. 

TERN Bicycles offer a huge range of Compact, Folding, Cargo and Electric bikes that not only ride as well (or better !) than a full size bike, they allow easier transport (No towbar ? No worries !) lower stand-over and one-size fits most for convenient bike sharing (if you can bear to let it go)

Tern Link (20")

OK, so sometimes folding bikes ARE simple, convenient transport - but that's the point !  The Link range gives small wheel, small package convenience to all riders, while maintaining an excellent ride quality. 

Priced from $895

Tern Joe P27 

Just because its folding, Doesn't mean you have to sacrifice  capability. The Joe 27 is a proper 27.5" wheeled, 27 Speed Urban warrior, that just happens to fold in half (in a good way !) 

Starting at $1995.

Tern GSD (Cargo)

One of the most managleble, versatile, fun cargo bikes around, the GSD has been a runaway success across the world, so much so that Pre-Orders for this bike are a must ! Powered by the venerable Bosch E-Bike drive, this bike will tackle any hauling task with ease, from the earliest school run to the latest grocery dash. From $6995.

Tern Vektron (E-Bike)

If you want it all from your bike, then the Vektron is the go-to.  Folding. Electric. Racks. Fenders.  All you need in a do-it-all ride.

Priced from $3795

Tern HSD (E-Bike)

Electric ? Check. Cargo ? Check.  Don't need a folder ?The HSD has you covered ! Versatile and smaller than you think, so there's always somewhere to ride. 

Priced from $6545

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